. Warranties

Full System Columbia Green Warranty + Overburden Warranty

A green roof warranty is essential for protecting your investment. We have options available to meet the needs of your project.

We provide green roof system hard parts, media, plants and warranty (sample warranty agreement). We also provide an optional ‘Overburden Warranty’ covering the cost of removing and replacing the green roof system, pavers, and pedestals in the event of a roof issue. 

Single Source Warranty /

We partner with leading roof membrane manufacturers to offer a complete solution for every type of roof construction. These partnerships allow us to offer single-source warranties, which cover both the roof and the green roof system together. 

Single Source Warranty Partners /

Barrett RoofingHot Rubber
HenryHot Rubber
Carlisle Coatings and WaterproofingHot Rubber
MalarkeyMod Bit, SBS
KemperCold Applied