Ellen Barlow

Ellen Barlow

West Coast Technical Sales and Support

Ellen Barlow supports landscape contractors in everything from budgeting and quoting projects to submittal packages. She enjoys giving presentations on Columbia Green’s products to the design community and assisting team members on strategy. Ellen enjoys getting into the technical side of green roofs and offering VE solutions to general contractors, architects, and landscape architects. Her background in environmental science allows her to understand the importance of green infrastructure and its beneficial impacts. Ellen’s #1 goal is to provide the highest level of customer service to her clients.

Ellen is a graduate from the University of Redlands in Southern California with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Policy and Management with a Spatial Studies minor. She focused on sustainability issues as well as environmental science and computer mapping software. She also completed an internship in Costa Rica, studying sustainable tourism development and biodiversity. In her free time, Ellen’s favorite activity is hanging out with family and friends. She enjoys going to music concerts, skiing, running, and fashion. Invite her to your next event! She loves meeting new people and talking green roofs.

Email: ellenb@columbia-green.com

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