Products – Tray System

AVRS® Tray System (patented: 7,603,808) | AVRS® Multilayer System (patent pending)

The AVRS® Tray System is the only fully interlocking and overlapping modular vegetative system allowing the installer to overfill the tray using a post planted installation technique. This allows for the ultimate installation flexibility in media height selection, both extensive (≤6” depth) and semi-intensive (6”- 8” depth) are fully achievable. This ability to manipulate the growing media depth allows for a vast array of plant material choices and various application procedures to match any design challenge. One system, unlimited choices.

AVRS® Tray Innovations

  • Patented interlocking and overlapping system design by landscape architects, stormwater engineers and
    horticulturist and roofing experts.
  • Enhanced DERF (stormwater Detention, Evapotranspiration, Retention, and Filtration) is accomplished at
    the source. Engineered from the beginning, the AVRS® Tray accomplishes this goal through a series of
    pattern specific, purposely placed drain orifices, in addition to the growing media and plant materials.
  • Ridge and Trough Design, a twofold principle. Another industry first, the AVRS® Ridge and Trough design,
    most importantly, allows necessary air flow to penetrate the tray bottom (i.e. air uptake) aiding plant growth
    and root health by increased aerobic respiration through the reduction of saturated media profiles.
    Secondly, this unique platform arrangement delaminates lateral wind pressures, thus reducing wind uplift
    across the entire interlocking system.
  • Overlapping + Media Overfilling = Media Retention and No Tray Lines. Unlike other tray systems on the
    market; no longer is one forced to see tray edges from pre-growing nor will you experience erosion of
    expensive growing media and clogging of roof drains from non-overlapping, non-interlocking half sided trays.
  • Installer and Environmentally Friendly. The AVRS® Tray is made from 100% recycled materials, and is
    uniquely designed to eliminate the need for drainage mats, root barriers, and filter fabric/materials found in
    other built up and tray systems. Shipped empty the AVRS® Tray is simply and efficiently packaged to reduce
    freight costs, and environmental impacts due to shipping and packaging waste.
  • Integral high efficiency drip irrigation (optional).
  • The AVRS® solution is only installed by Columbia Green approved and certified contractors.

AVRS® Tray System Components

  • AVRS® Tray and Interlocking Pins. Manufactured from 100% recycled, 100 mil high molecular weight
  • Integral Irrigation (optional). Includes supply header, fittings, drip tape, and locking hooks. Connections
    and valving to be provided and installed by project plumber and/or landscaper.
  • System Fit Aluminum or Stainless Steel Edger. The AVRS® system edger protects and hides tray edges
    as well as irrigation supply headers when integral irrigation is specified. It beautifully delineates design and
    layout features while mitigating system wind up lift and UV degradation.
  • Growing Media. Project specific, FLL approved, lightweight blends of inorganic and organic components
    are regionally sourced and are available for delivery in bulk for blowing or craned hopper placement, small
    bag for hand carrying (1.5CF), or in super sacks/totes for craned placement (1.5CY or 2.0CY). Growing
    media in the AVRS® Tray can vary from 4-5/8” – 8” without modification.
    For profiles over 8” please contact us.
  • Plant Material. Plant material is custom matched and most often regionally sourced to meet each
    project’s design, installation and financial parameters. It is available in un-rooting sedum cuttings, plugs,
    gallon material, pre-grown sedum tiles (15”x20”), and pre-grown sedum mats (4’x 6’). The AVRS® Tray
    can also be regionally pregrown at various pre-specified coverage rates and delivered to the project site.