Green Roof Systems

Columbia Green Technologies will provide the appropriate green roof or amenity deck system for your project, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer Layered, Planted-In-Place and Pre-Grown Tray green roof and amenity deck systems along with pavers, pedestals and foam.

TRAY SYSTEMS: Planted-In-Place or Pre-Grown 

Tray Size: 24″x 24″x 4-5/8” Height

Our tray is a modular vegetative roof system designed for stormwater management and ease of installation. Because of the interlocking edges, excess media can be placed over the top of the tray for invisible tray edges when planted-in-place.

tray cutaway with irrigation DSC_0251 (1)

Tray System

Media Depth

Integrated Drip Irrigation

Visible Tray Lines?


Tray can be overfilled 5”- 8” depth





No, use spray system at perimeter

Obscured by Plants

Green Roof Tray Innovations
• Our patented interlocking and overlapping green roof tray system was designed by landscape architects, stormwater engineers, horticulturists and roofing experts specifically for the unique challenges of the rooftop environment. Just lay out the trays on the roof and fill them with growing media and plants! Each of the individual functions found in the layered green roof system is inherent to the tray, thus eliminating the need for separate drainage mats, water retention mats, root barriers, and filter fabric.

• Our tray is designed for Stormwater Management. Our tray has ridges and troughs at the base which capture and slowly release peak stormwater flows via a specific pattern of small drain orifices.

• Healthy, Thriving Plants. The Ridge and Trough design promotes the air flow necessary for plant growth and root health by preventing overly saturated media. The metered release of water allows plants ample time to uptake water and nutrients from the growing media without sitting in standing water.

• Interlocking Edges. Tray edges overlap, linking the individual trays, which are further secured with pins to create a fully interlocking system. This tray design delaminates lateral wind pressures, thus reducing wind uplift across the entire installation. It also prevents trays from shifting apart, and allows trays to be overfilled with soil for invisible tray lines and a flexible soil depth.

• Installer and Environmentally Friendly. The Columbia Green Tray is made from 88% post-industrial recycled polypropylene. When shipped empty, the tray is simply and efficiently packaged to reduce freight costs, shipping and packaging waste.

• Integrated high efficiency drip irrigation can be used in our planted-in-place system.

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Green Roof Tray System Components
• Tray and Interlocking Pins. Manufactured in the USA from 88% recycled, 100 mil high molecular weight polypropylene.

• Integral Irrigation (optional). Includes the header and components inside the perimeter of the tray layout, including; drip tape, tape ell’s, drip tee’s, compression barb fittings, threaded male point of connection for the header and a capped fitting for the opposing end of the header.  All valving, backflow prevention, controls, and valve boxes are supplied by the installer, including getting the water source to the edge of our header/edger.

• Aluminum or Stainless Steel Edger. The tray edger protects and hides tray edges as well as irrigation supply headers when integral irrigation is specified. It beautifully delineates design and layout features while mitigating system wind uplift and UV degradation. See detail drawings for profile/dimensions.

• Growing Media. Project specific, FLL approved, lightweight blends of inorganic and organic components are regionally sourced and available for delivery in bulk, small bag or super sacks/totes.

• Plant material. Custom matched and most often regionally-sourced to meet each project’s design and installation parameters. Trays can be planted in place with un-rooting sedum cuttings, plugs, pre-grown sedum tiles (15”x20”) and pre-grown sedum mats (4’x 6’). Trays can pregrown with any of the above plant material, but extra lead time and freight charges may apply. Please contact us for guidance.





Growing Media

Retention Layer





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3 oz.


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3 oz.


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       Used for slopes between 2:12 and 6:12. Growing media depths: 3.5”, 4.5”, 6.5” or 8.5”

Components of Layered Systems

  • Layered System Components
    • Vegetation. Our systems can support any planting design. Plants are regionally-sourced and selected to meet each project’s landscape design vision. Everywhere from small plugs and large container plant size options are available. Sedum options are available in un-rooting sedum cuttings, plugs, pre-grown sedum tiles (15”x20”) and pre-grown sedum mats (4’x 6’).
    • Growing Media. Regionally specific, FLL approved, lightweight blends of inorganic and organic components are sourced and available for delivery in bulk, small bag or super sacks/totes. Please contact us for regionally specific saturated weight calculations.
    • Water Retention Layer. Provides supplemental moisture retention for plants, along with high porosity for aeration, and anchorage for plant roots. Composed of 100% recycled high tensile polyester fibers, this high-loft nonwoven geo-synthetic forms a UV stable, three dimensional blanket matrix that sits below the growing media. Available in a .5-inch or 1-inch thickness.
    • Filter Layer. The filter layer is adhered directly to the drainage layer for ease of installation. Fabricated from 50% recycled polyester, the non-directional weave design prevents gravitational erosion of the growing media.
    • Drainage Layer. Critical for preventing ponding and moving excess water across the roof surface to the nearest drain. Installed at the drainage plane, this unique layer of entangled polypropylene monofilaments is load bearing and provides exception air flow to the root systems.  It is UV stable and crush resistant. Available in .375-inch and .75-inch thickness.
    • Edger. Maintains perimeter stability and delineates design and layout features. Available options:
      • Extruded Aluminum Edging is available in multiple heights including 4.5”, 6”, 8.5”, etc. Contact us for additional options and colors.