Products – Multilayer System

AVRS® Tray System (patented: 7,603,808) | AVRS® Multilayer System (patent pending)

The AVRS® Multilayer System is a typical case of similar but different. For years the back bone of the vegetative roof industry has been “built-up” systems in which various components where laid down in a series of layers to achieve soil containment, water retention, and drainage. The AVRS® Multilayer System is similar in these achievements but unlike its predecessors now has engineered layers that place purpose designed components in the correct cross-sectional order. It is a system where each layer is imbedded with industry first technology to provide an unparalleled environment for plant growth and long term plant health. No longer is there a need to specify “systems” with layers cobbled together and repurposed from other non-related building system technologies. This is what makes the AVRS® Multilayer System different. And different is better.

AVRS® Multilayer Innovations

  • A patent pending multilayer system design by landscape architects, stormwater engineers and horticulturist and roofing experts provides an unparalleled growing environment.
  • Enhanced water retention and drainage is accomplished with two components not one. The AVRS® Multilayer system is specifically engineered to have both a Drainage Layer and Water Retention Layer. Unlike other systems on the market, this separation in performance intent allows each component to excel at is individual purpose; no one layer is compromised by the other.
  • Installer and Environmentally Friendly. AVRS® components are made totally or in part from recycled materials and are simply and efficiently packaged to reduce freight costs, and environmental impacts due to shipping and packaging waste. The large roll sizes provide enhanced job site mobility, ease of installation and increasing installer application rates.
  • The AVRS® solution is only installed by Columbia Green approved and certified contractors.

AVRS® Multilayer Components

  • AVRS® Multilayer – Drainage Layer. Installed at the drainage plane this unique layer of entangled monofilaments, is load bearing and provides exceptional air flow to the growing media and thus to the above root systems. Also crush resistance, the AVRS® Multilayer – Drainage Layer gives installers the confidence to walk over the product without the fear or hassle of causing long term drainage problems and waterproofing failures. Composed of 40% pre-consumer recycled polypropylene the Drainage Layer is also UV stable.
  • AVRS® Multilayer – Filter Layer. Fabricated from 50% recycled polyester the AVRS® Multilayer – Filter Layer is a crucial component of the system. Placed above the Drainage Layer and below the Water Retention layer it reduces water based and gravitational erosion of the growing media throughout the system. With exceptional transitory properties the Filter Layer allows gravitational drainage and air uptake by the above root systems through its open non-directional weave design.
  • AVRS® Multilayer – Water Retention Layer. Composed of 100% recycled high tensile polyester fibers this high loft nonwoven geo-synthetic is the back bone and the upper most layer in the AVRS® Multilayer System. Forming a UV stable, three dimensional blanket matrix for the growing media to lie on; it provides a mechanical anchorage for plant roots, moisture retention for plant available water, and high porosity to allow for root aeration.
  • Aluminum Edger. Crafted from extruded aluminum and available in multiple heights, The ARVS® system edger, supplied by Permaloc®, maintains perimeter stability and delineates design and layout features. Custom edgers are custom engineered and designed by Columbia Green when sizes over 8-1/2” in height are required.
  • Growing Media. Project specific, FLL approved, lightweight blends of inorganic and organic components are regionally sourced and are available for delivery in bulk for blowing or craned hopper placement, small bag for hand carrying (1.5CF), or in super sacks/totes for craned placement (1.5CY or 2.0CY). Growing media on the AVRS® Multilayer system can vary from 3” – 2’+ without modification. For profiles over 12” a 1.5” drainage layer is utilized.
  • Plant Material. Plant material is custom matched and most often regionally sourced to meet each project’s design, installation and financial parameters. It is available in un-rooting sedum cuttings, plugs, gallon material, pre-grown sedum tiles (15”x20”), and pre-grown sedum mats (4’x 6’).